Frequently Asked Questions

Date published: 30 June 2021 07:48

What is the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) Returner Scheme?

The SYP Returner Scheme is designed to assist SYP in the return of police officers with valuable skills and experience who would otherwise retire.

The  scheme allows  a  police officer  to  retire  from   SYP  but  to  then  return  as  an  attested  officer after  a  short  break  of  service. Officers  that  retire  will  be  given  access  to  their  commutation  lump sum.

Who can apply for the SYP Returner scheme?

Police officers who

a) Have retired from SYP since 1 November 2017.
b) Are working in SYP but have reached 30 years’ pensionable service.
c) Are working in SYP but are coming up to 30 years’ pensionable service.

Can I apply if I have worked for SYP for 30 years but not completed 30 years’ pensionable service i.e. due to part time working?

No. You must have 30 or more year’s pensionable service and hence be entitled to retire with maximum pension benefits (40/60ths) in order to be eligible for the scheme.

Will I need to continue to complete mandatory training on the SYP Returners Scheme?

Police officers will continue to be covered by all policies and Standard Operating Procedures relating to health and safety and training etc. Therefore, if you are in an operational role you must undergo mandatory training i.e. Officer Safety Training and First Aid. You will also be expected to pass the Job Related Fitness Test.

Will I still be a warranted police officer if I return under the SYP Returners Scheme?

Yes. You will retain all of your existing powers when you return to work and will be attested.

Will I retain my existing warrant number?

No. You will be treated as a new engagement and provided with a new warrant number.

Can I stay in my existing role?

If a vacancy exists, you will be permitted to remain in your current role . Please state your preference on your application form.

Is there an end date for applications for the SYP Returners Scheme?

The scheme will initially run for a two year period until 31 October 2021 SYP will then review the success of the scheme before deciding if we need to extend it.

Is there a maximum tenure period with the SYP Returners Scheme?

There is no tenure period although officers will be expected to leave SYP at their compulsory retirement age.

Will I need to complete vetting in order to be re-engaged on the SYP Return  Scheme?

If you have a valid vetting clearance you will not need to complete a vetting form.

Can I apply for an Extension of Service beyond Compulsory Retirement Age to remain on the SYP Returners Scheme?

Yes. Applications will be considered in line with the normal rules regarding an Extension of Service.

How much notice period do I have to provide if I want to retire from SYP at a later date?

You would need to provide one months’ notice to terminate your appointment on the SYP Returner Scheme.

I work part-time - can I apply for the SYP Returners Scheme?

Yes. Applications will be accepted from part time police officers.

I am on adjusted duties - can I apply for the SYP Returners Scheme?


What is my annual leave entitlement on my return to the SYP?

Your entitlement remain the same as it was immediately prior to your retirement.