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Date published: 04 December 2023 12:34

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Adrian Luscombe

I am Inspector Adrian Luscombe, and I cover the South Neighbourhood areas of Doncaster; which includes Mexborough, Edlington and Warmsworth, Conisbrough and Denaby, Tickhill and Wadsworth, Rossington and Bawtry, and Finningley ward areas. I have over 19 years' policing experience, with a significant portion of my career working within neighbourhood policing teams in Rotherham and Doncaster.

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) is a group of officers who are dedicated to serving your community. The teams I oversee consists of 3 sergeants, 14 police officers (PCs) and 7 police community support officers (PCSOs) who each have geographical responsibility for an area within the wards mentioned above. These officers are split into 3 teams, each headed by a sergeant, which include teams for Mexborough; Conisbrough and Denaby; and then Edlington/Warmsworth, Tickhill/Wadsworth, Rossington/Bawtry and Finningley. We work closely with the Local Authority along with a wide range of other partners and members of the community to attempt to find long-term solutions to local problems.

As well as team members having regular involvement in face-to-face meetings and engagement activities out in communities, sergeants from each team host online meetings via Facebook to give residents the chance to talk about issues affecting them in the local area. This page is updated with the times and dates of planned meetings so please do get involved when you can. Please follow us on social media to stay informed about what we are doing and for details of engagement events running in your communities to come and speak with us.

As well as the Police Station in Mexborough, the South Neighbourhood Policing Teams also work from Edlington and Rossington Police Stations

Your local police station is:

Mexborough Police Station

14 Adwick Road, Mexborough
S64 0DB

You can contact us:

The overarching priorities for the Doncaster South Neighbourhood Policing Team are:

  • To reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by building stronger ties within the communities we serve
  • Tackling long term issues experienced within our communities, seeking solutions to these matters in conjunction with our partners
  • To reduce and prevent rural crime through effective engagement with the local community and adopting a problem-solving approach

However, we recognize that the specific policing issues differ across the various communities we serve on the South of Doncaster.

Based on reporting from the public, direct feedback from the public as part of our engagement activities, discussions with partners and other sources such as surveys; more specific priorities for us include:

EDLINGTON AND ROSSINGTON TEAM (which also covers Tickhill, and Finningley wards):

  • Organised criminality related to drug supply
  • Predominantly youth related anti-social behaviour on certain estates and green spaces
  • Off road and speeding vehicles, particularly in outer villages


  • Anti-social behaviour, particularly focused in and around the town centre, involving groups of young persons and also adult street drinkers.
  • Organised criminality related to the supply of drugs in the area.
  • Vehicle nuisance, with reports largely around speeding vehicles and off-road bikes.


  • Organised criminality related to the supply of drugs in the area.
  • Vehicle related nuisance - largely around the use of off road vehicles of vehicles being driven in an anti-social manner.
  • Anti-social behaviour, particularly focused in and around the High Street, involving groups of young persons and also adult street drinkers.

You said...

MEXBOROUGH: The feedback we have had for some time indicates that organised crime (particularly those involved in drug supply), vehicle related nuisance and general anti-social behaviour are amongst the key concerns of residents

We did...

The Neighbourhood Team continues to work with other agencies within South Yorkshire Police to tackle organised criminality in the area, using a range of enforcement and engagement tactics. We have had significant results over recent years, with several key individuals involved now serving time in prison. We continue to relentlessly pursue anyone who steps in to fill the gap left.

We continue to have some reporting around Anti-Social Behaviour in and around the Town Centre. This is predominantly youth-ASB and adult street drinkers. Through work with schools, local shops, the council and the community, and by taking a firm approach with those involved, we have achieved significant reductions in the volume of reports when compared to last year. However, work continues on this as such issues can recur.

We continue to work with partners and our off road bike team to tackle vehicle nuisance in the area. The ongoing work includes target hardening of some key locations and education of individuals in the area, along with enforcement work. We need the public to keep reporting the issues to help us continue to build an accurate intelligence picture and provide evidence to bid for further resources.

You said...

CONISBROUGH AND DENABY: The primary concerns reported to us are around organised criminality linked to drug supply, and Anti-Social Behaviour related to groups of young persons and street drinkers in the Town centre. Nuisance vehicles also continue to feature as an issue raised in the area.

We did...

The Neighbourhood Team continues to work with our Fortify (gang enforcement) colleagues to tackle organised criminality in the area through a range of enforcement and engagement tactics. We have had a number of significant results over the last 12 months or so in relation to those involved, with some key individuals imprisoned or leaving the area to avoid our attention. Our results have led to a shifting picture of organised criminality in the area, leading us to have to continually adapt our approach .

We worked, and continue to work, with Council and St Leger Homes (and other) colleagues on a range of measure to address the issues of Youth ASB and town centre drinking that we see on and off in this area, particularly in around the town centre. Recent months have seen a significant improvement as a result of our actions.

We also continue to work in partnership to try to address the issue of nuisance vehicles, which is typically off road vehicles and speeding in this area. I would encourage residents to report these issues whenever they arise to help us to build an intelligence picture and evidence base to bid for specialist resources to assist

You said...

EDLINGTON AND WARMSWORTH: The primary concerns reported to us are around organised criminality related to drug supply, and Anti-Social Behaviour caused by local youths.

We did...

The Neighbourhood Team continues to work with our Fortify (gang enforcement) colleagues to tackle organised criminality in the area through a range of enforcement and engagement tactics. As with some of our other areas we've had some really significant results in the last year or so, with several key members of the local group currently behind bars or having fled from the area. Work continues to build on these results.

We are working with Council, St Leger Homes, Schools (and other) colleagues on a range of measures to address the issue of Youth ASB in the area, and though we have recently had some significant results in arresting and charging some of the most persistent offenders, we are aware that this remains a key issue for us to target.

You said...

TICKHILL AND WADWORTH, ROSSINGTON AND BAWTRY, FINNINGLEY: The primary concerns being raised to us in these areas are around serious acquisitive crime, predominantly in the form of vehicles and businesses being targeted; and Anti-Social Behaviour in the form of nuisance vehicles - including off road bikes, quads and speeding.

We did...

The Neighbourhood team is working with partners to try to target harden locations which are being subject to repeat thefts, including locations where HGVs are being parked overnight and local businesses that have or might be targeted. We are also maximising our own patrol time in these areas whenever possible and are working with 24/7 policing resources to provide patrol coverage out of our team’s working hours.

These offences are likely linked to the issue of quad bikes being ridden off road in these areas, which is another aspect of this offending we are targeting in conjunction with the Force’s Off Road Bike Team. We have had recent successes with off-road vehicle seizures in these areas, which are usually publicised on our Facebook page.

The team is also completing regular speeding operations, to target this issue, which we know is particularly felt in the outer villages

Community Engagement Meetings for CONISBROUGH/DENABY take place is at the The Ivanhoe Centre, Conisbrough, at 6pm.

Meeting dates for the remainder of the year are:


Your next Community Engagement Meeting for MEXBOROUGH is on Thursday 25 January 2024 at 6pm. The venue for this meeting is Mexborough Library, John Street, Mexborough. Entrance is to the rear for the community hall.

We also run drop in sessions at the Mexborough indoor market from 10-12, with dates for the remainder of the year as follows:

Tuesday 19th December 2023

Please see below for drop ins at WARMSWORTH over the coming months:

Warmsworth Coffee Morning. 11am on every second Wednesday at Warmsworth library, Warmsworth

Please see below the schedule for Drop In events at TICKHILL and BAWTRY in 2023. They are now both on the same day with Tickhill’s being at Wellingtons Café in Cherry Lane Garden Centre 10.30-11.30am and Bawtry’s being in The New Hall, Station Road  Bawtry 1.30-2.30pm. Please come and speak to us about any local issues in your areas.

Next event: TBC

Next ROSSINGTON Community Engagement meeting: 13th December at 1830 at Rossington Miner's Welfare

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