Barnsley West

Date published: 04 May 2022 15:26

Welcome message from the Neighbourhood Inspector Rebecca Richardson

Hi, I am Inspector Rebecca Richardson, I cover all areas of Barnsley with the exception of the Town Centre. My teams are broken down into Barnsley West, Barnsley South, Barnsley South East, Barnsley North and Barnsley North East.

I have over 14 years’ experience as a police officer and love working across the Neighbourhood Teams serving Barnsley; our officers have passion and dedication for their areas, creating a safer and more enjoyable area for those who live and work here.

Neighbourhood policing has great benefits, it enables us to work closely with the public, community groups, partner agencies and businesses to be able to reduce crime and solve re-occurring and community issues.

This style of policing enables us to be part of the community and adapt problem solving approaches to local issues.

The past 12 months have been challenging for everyone and officers are keen to start engaging with you face to face again, understand your concerns and take action. We are incredibly grateful for the support given to us during this difficult and challenging time and look forward to seeing you all out enjoying Barnsley once again.

Your local police station is:

Kendray Police Station

Rae House, Cypress House, Kendray, Barnsley
S70 3LZ

You can contact us:

The priorities for the Barnsley West Neighbourhood Policing Team are:

  • Anti-social Behaviour - Stairfoot Ward covering Aldham House, Stairfoot and Kendray
  • Drug dealing and drug use - Kingstone Ward
  • Inconsiderate Parking - Penistone Wards

You said...

You wanted extra patrols in the Locke Park due to ongoing ASB and low level drug use

We did...

We have increased our presence during evening and night shifts in the area, with positive results, dispersing youths, and the confiscation of drugs.

You said...

You wanted more work around a local property causing ASB due to drug use from the property

We did...

We worked alongside the BMBC, and the landlord, resulting in the tenant being evicted from the property, and also been charged by SYP for a Burglary offence.

You said...

Numerous reports regarding off road bikes in the Langsett area, especially on a weekend.

We did...

Barnsley West PCSOs are doing directed patrols, along side the Off Road Bike team, at key times. This has resulted in a Off Road Bike been seized.

You said...

Numerous reports re parking outside schools at drop off and pick up time, concerns raised for safety of children.

We did...

Directed patrols at school time at various schools with in the Barnsley West Area, working alongside the schools, crossing patrols to advise parents re the dangers of parking and driving above the speed limit.

Upcoming meetings:

Pop Up Police Station - Monday 9th May 4pm-6pm - Tankersely Welfare Hall, Pilley, S75 3AP.

Facebook Question and Answer - Tuesday 10th May - 10am- 12pm.

Penistone PACT Meeting - Wednesday 18th May - 6:30pm - St Johns Community Centre

Ardsley Community Meeting- Wednesday 25th May - 7pm Christ Church, Ardsley, S71 5EF. 

Ardsley Crime and Safety Group - Tuesday 7th June - 7pm Tesco Community Room, Wombwell Lane. 

Penistone Crime and Safety Group - Wednesday 8th June 1PM - Penistone Police Station, Bridge Street, Penistone, S36 8AJ. 

Kendray PACT Meeting - 9th June - Time and location to be confirmed

Worsbrough Crime and Safety Group - 14th June - 1pm - Maltas court, Worsbrough, S70 5DX

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