Stop and search

Date published: 08 January 2020 11:28

Stop and search is a crucial policing tactic that enables us to protect and serve the public of South Yorkshire, by preventing and reducing violent crime.

Our officers may use stop and search when they reasonably suspect that a person is in possession of an illegal item or something that may help them to commit crime. We have certain powers and legislation available to us, and we are required to act in accordance with the Codes of Practice and treat people with respect and dignity.

When used properly, stop and search can prevent and deal with issues such as drug dealing, burglary, and possession of offensive weapons.

South Yorkshire Police is part of the Home Office’s ‘Best Use of Stop and Search’ scheme. This voluntary scheme aims to contribute to a significant reduction in the overall use of stop and search, deliver better and more intelligence-led stop and search, and improve arrest and other positive outcomes. It is also designed to provide the public with further information on the outcomes of searches.

These pages will provide up to date information around the use of stop and search in South Yorkshire, the legislation that underpins it and the opportunity to provide feedback if you have been stopped and searched by one of our officers. We also welcome anyone who would like to join our stop and search scrutiny panel.