Local risks

Date published: 18 February 2023 15:41

Civil Contingencies Act

Our South Yorkshire Community Risk Register has been prepared in accordance with national guidance. The South Yorkshire Community Risk Register also includes advice on how you can prepare yourself and your home for local emergencies.

National Risk Register

The Government also produces a National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies (NRR) to provide an assessment of the likelihood and potential impact of a range of different civil emergency risks (including naturally and accidentally occurring hazards and malicious threats) that may directly affect the UK.

Advice on preparing for emergencies

For general advice on preparing for emergencies, the GOV.UK preparing for emergencies page has a range of useful information for individuals/homes, for businesses, and for communities.

To check if you are at risk of flooding, you can visit the GOV.UK flooding page, and you can also sign up for Flood Alerts from this page.

To access weather warnings, follow this link to the Met Office website, which also have useful seasonal weather advice.

For national information and guidance on coronavirus, please access the following link: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

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