Drink and drug drivers stopped by roads policing officers

Date published: 02 September 2022 11:14
Dated: 02 September 2022 12:12:43

Ten per cent of drivers stopped during a recent weeklong campaign were found to be over the drink or prescribed limit for drugs while driving.

As officers’ efforts continue to create safer roads, the message is simple - is it worth it? You could kill yourself, you could kill an innocent person or family, and ultimately you will be prosecuted, and your life will change.

Roads Policing Officers from our Operational Support Unit took part in the National Police Chiefs’ Council summer drink and drug campaign; a week (22- 29 August) dedicated to focusing on administering road side breath tests and drug wipes, and highlighting the dangers of drink and drug driving.

Proactively stopping vehicles is part of daily business for our officers, but efforts were increased to spread the message.

A total of 175 drivers were stopped either for a routine check at the side of the road, or at a stop site, following reports from the community, or following a collision.

Of the 175 drivers, 17 of them failed a roadside breath test, five of them after being involved in a collision. One driver also failed a drugs test wipe.

Acting Sergeant Martyn Micklethwaite said: “Driving while over the limit for alcohol or drugs, including prescribed medication can have fatal consequences. Innocent people, including children die because of drivers who decide to get behind the wheel knowing they have had a drink or taken drugs.

“Driving while over the limit or under the influence affects your judgement and reaction times, and ultimately can be the difference between life or death, including your own.

“We stopped drivers on a mixture of roads, including our motorway network, and of the drivers we stopped who were over the limit, 16 were men and two were women, and all drivers were over the age of 25.”

Please think before you get behind the wheel, it could save a life.

More information about drink and drug driving can be found on the Safer Roads South Yorkshire website-  https://sysrp.co.uk/drugdriving

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