It’s time to ‘paws’ for PD Jooba

Date published: 25 July 2022 15:02
Dated: 25 July 2022 13:45:43

We’re saddened to say that after seven and half years protecting her handlers and various communities that PD Jooba hung up her harness and retired.

PD Jooba joined South Yorkshire Police (SYP) in 2019 from South Wales Police, and for the past 15 months has been teamed up with handler PC Michael Greaves

Being one of our older dogs PD Jooba was showing signs that it was time for a quieter life and she was ready to rest her paws and relax in her elder years.

As a general purpose dog PD Jooba has tracked and detained suspects, as well as using her nose to help find missing and vulnerable people and evidence.

Dog handler PC Greaves tells us more about PD Jooba and her plans for retirement, he said: “Jooba is an amazing dog, who over the past 15 months has given me all she can, but recently has showed signs that she is ready to slow down and enjoy life as a ‘pet’ dog.

“She’s served her whole life, initially starting out in the military completing her initial training before moving onto joining South Wales Police, developing her skills and working there for over four years, before joining SYP.

“Me and Jooba have created a strong bond and I am thankful for her dedication in protecting me as we go out on shift.

“Policing is a challenging and unpredictable job and knowing you have your best friend as protection is indescribable, and for that I am always grateful.”

All of our dogs live at home with their handlers, the inseparable bonds is what forms a great working partnership. Now in retirement PD Jooba will remain living with PC Greaves at their home.

PC Greaves continued: “Jooba will stay with me now for the rest of her life, she has a forever home where she can relax and continue to be loved. She is my only dog, so will be spoiled rotten!

“At the moment Jooba is still transitioning and learning to understand that she doesn’t come to work with me anymore, after years of work she knows the difference between me having my uniform on, or being on our rest days.

“Her mind still wants to come to work and she loves her job, but knowing your dog is part of being a good handler and I know she needs to slow down.

“She has earnt and deserves the best retirement and that’s what I aim to give her.”

We thank PD Jooba for her years of dedication and service and wish her the best of years in her retirement.

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