PH Wortley patrols his patch

Date published: 25 August 2022 14:07
Dated: 25 August 2022 15:00:30

All of our horses are named after areas in South Yorkshire, and this week the youngest and newest member of the Mounted Department has carried out his first patrol, getting to know his ‘name sake’ local area.

Four year-old PH Wortley, also known around the farm as ‘Sully’ joined the team in July after successfully passing his trail and vetting. He was a local lad, coming from just down the road in Wortley after his owner Becky became aware we needed a new police horse to join our team.

PH Wortley has spent the past couple of weeks under the saddle of experienced rider and officer PC Sally Bellamy, who has been teaching him the ropes and all about what is expected from a police horse.

After demonstrating he’s brave, bold and un-phased by anything made to challenge him so far, PH Wortley has been conducting patrols alongside some of our more experienced police horses, and this week he visited the area he’s named after and met local Lady Rowena Wortley.

Lady Rowena Stuart Wortley was born and bred in the area with her family living here since the 1500’s.

When meeting PH Wortley we asked her what her first thoughts were, she said: “I think he’s absolutely fabulous!

“It has been lovely to meet him this morning. He’s a lovely horse with a mischievous look on his face, which really appeals to me. I just know he’s going to be fabulous at his job, and it’s great to see him in the area.”

Alongside Lady Rowena Wortley, PH Wortley’s previous owner Becky popped along to see him in action. Living local Becky has built a great relationship with the mounted team and visits PH Wortley regularly to see how he’s doing. Always armed with carrots, or a bag of apples PH Wortley still recognises her and it’s great to see that their bond can continue.

PC Sally Bellamy added: “I feel so privileged to be PH Wortley’s dedicated rider, he’s been showing us that this is the job he was made to do. He’s one of the youngest horses we have had, and although he has a lot of maturing to do, he is already demonstrating he is honest and trustworthy, which is so important to build a partnership on.

“We (horse and rider) are often put in challenging and difficult situations and like in any police team, you need to have trust in your partner.

“I am looking forward to teaching him more and him maturing over these next couple of years.”

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PH Wortley outside the Wortley Arms pub

PH Wortley outside the Wortley Arms pub

PH Wortley with Lady Rowena Wortley

PH Wortley with Lady Rowena Wortley

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