Brothers sentenced for Barnsley murder

Date published: 01 July 2021 20:32
Dated: 01 July 2021 21:31:32
Two men have been jailed for life after they beat a man to death and seriously injured his brother.
Gabriel Andrei, 41, and Florin Andrei, 45, were ordered to serve a minimum of 23 years behind bars for the murder of Catalin Rizea at Sheffield Crown Court today (Thursday 1 July).
They were also handed a 13-year sentence, to run concurrently, for Grievous Bodily Harm following the attack on Catalin's brother, Alexandru.
At around 8am on 12 October 2020, passers-by spotted Alexandru, 45, climbing through a ground-floor window of a house in Pinder Oakes Cottages.
Alexandru, who was badly beaten, pleaded for passing drivers to call the police, repeatedly saying he needed to save his brother, Catalin.
While onlookers called emergency services, one woman stopped and took Alexandru to hospital, where he was treated for life-threatening injuries including significant head trauma.
Officers rushed to the scene of the crime, where they found the front door stained in blood.
Inside they were met with the Andrei brothers, who were desperately trying to clean blood stains within the property. In the living room they found Catalin, 43, slumped in a chair, breathing heavily with a black coat draped over his face.
He was rushed to the same hospital as his brother, but sadly died two days later due to catastrophic brain injuries.
The Andrei brothers were arrested on suspicion of Catalin’s murder and wounding with intent to cause Grievous Bodily Harm following the attack on Alexandru. They were quickly charged on 18 October 2020.
Detective Chief Inspector Simon Palmer said: "I'm thankful these men will not be free to inflict this level of violence for a long time.
"A man has lost his life due to the thoughtless actions of these two men. Although this sentence will not stop the hurt experienced by the Rizea family, we hope it will bring closure to their horrendous ordeal."
Catalin’s sister Andreaa has released this statement:
“My family would like to thank South Yorkshire Police for their due diligence, professionalism and all the hard work and support that has gone into our family’s case.
“There is no treatment in this world that will cure the pain we are feeling and no words to describe the grief we are experiencing.”
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