Body Worn Video

Date published: 22 February 2023 09:28

Our officers are now equipped with Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras.

The innovative cameras  help capture evidence to provide increased support for victims of crime and protect front-line staff from physical attacks.

Worn attached to the officers’ clothing, BWV records video and audio footage at the press of a button.

  • All officers will wear them as part of their uniform
  • Officers will inform you if you are being recorded
  • Cameras record video and sound to help you and the police
  • All recordings will be held securely on police computers
  • Recordings are only kept for a certain period of time, this depends on how serious the matter is
  • Officers have a legal right to record you whilst carrying out their duties

Chief Superintendent Robert Odell  said: “The cameras have made a huge difference to not only the safety of our officers, but members of the public too.

“BWV has proven itself amongst other forces across the UK to be a brilliant deterrent as well as a source of improved evidence to support investigations, which has resulted in increased conviction rates- particularly in cases of domestic violence and public order offences.

“Whether it is a domestic incident, a disturbance in the local pub or a serious road traffic collision, having a recording of what our officers have seen and heard will allow us to present compelling evidence in court to secure justice for victims of crime.”