Lost or stolen property

Date published: 19 April 2023 14:53

Changes to lost property from 1 October

From the 1 October 2018, we no longer take reports of lost property.

It has been nationally agreed that with the exception of foreign ID documents (including passports), or items classed as ‘dangerous’ i.e firearms, police forces in England and Wales will no longer take reports of lost property.

By not taking these reports anymore, we will save over 300 hours of staff time each year, which can be used to deal with reports of crime and antisocial behaviour.

You can visit www.missingx.com, or reportmyloss.com to report your loss and receive a reference number, which can be provided to insurance companies. You can also download the letter below, and give it to your insurance company if needed.

Lost Property Insurance Letter 

What if I find...?

South Yorkshire Police operates a principle of not accepting or retaining any items of found property unless there is a legal or operational requirement to do so, for example we accept:

Items you believe may be linked to a crime that could be used as evidence

Firearms /weapons/ ammunition

Chemicals and explosives

Non UK passports



Mobile phones / electronic devices which may hold personal data

Items where the owner is identifiable

Unidentifiable cash.

There is a requirement that finders of found property take reasonable steps to trace the owner of the property. If an item was lost or found in public premises or private property (such as in a shop or a restaurant, school or university) or on public transport then you should contact the relevant company in order to register the loss or hand in the property.

What if I lose..?

An ID card or Passport?

In the case of a lost British Passport, the loss must be reported to the Passport Office.

In the case of lost foreign passports or ID documents, reports of loss must be made in person at a Police enquiry desk. Find your nearest Enquiry desk here.

My Driving license?

If you lose your driving license, you need to report this to the DVLA.

My Bank Card?

Lost bank cards need to be reported to your bank.

My Mobile phone?

If you lose your mobile phone, you need to contact your service provider.