District Commander for Rotherham

Date published: 02 May 2023 15:12

Chief Superintendent Laura Koscikiewicz

Chief Superintendent Laura Koscikiewicz joined the Rotherham Senior Command Team in May 2022 transferring from Humberside Police.

With nearly two decades of policing experience, serving in three forces, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge. She spent the first 16 years’ of her career in Cambridgeshire Constabulary, before transferring to Humberside Police, and finally after being born and bred, coming back to her home force South Yorkshire Police.

Ch Supt Koscikiewicz explains more about her career, she said: “During my career, I have performed in various roles, however the area of policing where I have spent the most of my career is within Protecting Vulnerable People (PVP), working across different portfolios including child abuse, child sexual exploitation, rape and vulnerable and missing persons.

“I am really passionate about protecting vulnerable people and ensuring we do all we can to keep those most at risk in our communities safe, and I really feel we all, as police officers and staff, have a role to play in this.

“I am proud to have been Head of Protecting Vulnerable People in both Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Humberside Police and I’m passionate to share my knowledge across Rotherham.”

Ch Supt Koscikiewicz added: “Rotherham is a wonderful area of South Yorkshire, and it has committed, hardworking, knowledgeable officers who want to make a difference.

“We know Rotherham has come under significant scrutiny over the last few years, and even though significant changes and improvements have been made, everyone within the district continues to work day in, day out, to build confidence in our communities. Our communities are our purpose, we want to protect and serve you, and one of our core focuses is neighbourhood policing.

“We have some incredible partnership neighbourhood teams in Rotherham who are committed to building relationships with local people and delivering against what impacts on them the most, and I will be continuing to support and strengthen this work and those relationships.

“Policing is a challenging but rewarding job, it is about more than crime, it is about support, education, equality, and working together to develop trust and ultimately make the area you live and work safer and enjoyable.

“Being born and bred in Rotherham, I am really excited about being here in SYP and specifically being District Commander of Rotherham.

“My drive will always focus on doing the right thing for the right reason, both in terms of how we service our community but also in terms of how we support each other; and delivering a quality service to all our community – getting it right first time.”

A photo of Chief Superintendent Laura Koscikiewicz on a blue and white South Yorkshire Police background