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Domestic abuse affects entire families. We are committed to prosecuting those people who commit domestic abuse.… https://t.co/6DCSVtBaXD
It is never ok for someone to sexually assault another person & through the campaign we want to make peop… https://t.co/9ZnUizhENr
Do you have questions about domestic abuse? Do you think someone you know is being abused, and want to know how you… https://t.co/T6g4lrOICv
is dusting for finger prints as the investigation into the stolen presents from… https://t.co/MZ7VRwmyWJ
Interested in local policing? 👍🏼 Want to be updated on local crimes? 👍🏼 Want to know how to secure your home and… https://t.co/lVrAcC4211
We want to make people think about their actions. If they didn’t say yes, it means no. Get true consent. https://t.co/ts7dc5hYNP
Your friends and family may have told you that they’re concerned and worried about your safety. If it’s not physica… https://t.co/5lnf2aExKb
Sexual offences can take many forms, including grabbing someone’s bum uninvited. It is never ok for someone to sexu… https://t.co/ZuLH9TTl2b
TRAFFIC: The A57 at Todwick is CLOSED in both directions while emergency services respond to a collision. There are… https://t.co/t7WimduPNs
You may be concerned about the way your partner or ex-partner treats you, whether it’s because they're violent or a… https://t.co/2JOdcY3yH5
How many Christmas songs can you find hidden in this Facebook post? https://t.co/GajQkBLms9 Let us know what your g… https://t.co/5eCSjZ1ICg
NEWS: Man charged with alleged burglaries in by officers from Performance Crime Team - rea… https://t.co/mxSeocZ3E9
is having himself a merry little Christmas. Have yourself a merry little Christm… https://t.co/FN7fIhXXtw
Well done to teenager Martin Putnoky who has received a police commendation for chasing down three thiev… https://t.co/J5VPRSOugt
Motorcycle Team Tackling Sheffield Off-Roaders - https://t.co/KvGkKF7AcE https://t.co/HHKHAkgRUO
News: It wasn't quite a manger but Cusworth police station did the job https://t.co/mcOt6wky0k https://t.co/zEL4bcRXzo
APPEAL: Following a collision in the Dunscroft area of earlier this month (4/12), a 92-year-old pedestri… https://t.co/tGOPKxwkPF
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ADVICE: In the run up to Christmas, as many of you head out to enjoy the festivities, we're sharing some advice pub… https://t.co/di7dbR8PI7
Olivia, aged 11 https://t.co/D57W7TsrRj
Pupil from Wombwell Park Street Primary https://t.co/Uf9u26PTND
Poppy, aged 5 https://t.co/849zwhnR8B
Lily, aged 10 https://t.co/5P0c1qBKlR