Media contact with ACPO Chief Officers -December 2013 to February 2014

Date of contactACPO Chief OfficerTime of contactOrganisation Location of meeting /where the call took placeTopics discussed
03/12/13DCC Holt1400General quote to College of Policing Press Office re Pursuits 
  • Re Pursuits incident Devon & Cornwall in July - what we have done to improve the way we conduct pursuits
20/01/14DCC Holt General quoteQutoe via Media and Marketing and used subsequently in press
  • Op Mynah (Greaves case)
21/01/14Chief Constable Crompton0900Sheffield StarInterview at Carbrook
  • 2nd Anniversary in SYP
23/01/14DCC Holt1000Radio HallamTelephone conversation
  • Crime Statistics
23/01/14DCC Holt1015Sheffield StarTelephone conversation
  • Crime Statistics
24/01/14Chief Constable Crompton1130BBC Look NorthInterview at Carbrook
  • M1 Managed Motorway
24/01/14DCC Holt1100Sheffield StarTelephone conversation
  • Football related violence
29/01/14DCC Holt1100DispatchesTelephone conversation
  • Racist abuse in football
04/02/14Chief Constable Crompton1630Capital FMTelephone conversation
  • Launch of CSE Public Awareness
05/02/14Chief Constable Crompton0730BBC RadioRadio Sheffield interview
  • Have the police lost public trust? The adverse effects of public scandals on the police and what can be done to re build confidence.
05/02/14DCC Holt0900DispatchesInterview at Carbrook
  • Racist abuse in football (following on telecom 29/01/14)

Media contact with ACPO Chief Officers - July to November 2013