Misconduct Findings Archive


Honesty & Integrity

The officer knowingly took a number of days leave to which they were not entitled.

Dismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct

Honesty & Integrity

The officer granted a colleague leave without deducing it from her entitlement, for personal reasons.

Resigned after disciplinary charges but prior disciplinary proceedingsInternal Conduct

Use of force

Whilst on duty, but without lawful authority, the officer deliberately pushed a cyclist to the ground causing injury.

Dismissed without NoticePublic Complaint

Honesty & Integrity

Arrested for shoplifting whilst off duty.

Dismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct

Discreditable Conduct

The officer was accused of harassing his ex-partner and accessing her personal data for non-policing reasons. He also attended his home address on a number of occasions for personal reasons whilst on duty and in contravention of a direct order.

Resigned after disciplinary charges but prior to disciplinary proceedings.Internal Conduct

Discreditable Conduct

The officer attended the home address of a vulnerable woman whilst he was on duty, and had sex with her.

Resigned after criminal charges but prior to criminal proceedingsPublic Complaint

Discreditable Conduct

The officer continued with an unauthorised photography business and attempted to recruit models whilst on duty. He also engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour towards his colleagues.

Dismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct

Corrupt Practice

The officer was accused of abusing his position as a police officer to commit offences of fraud against a vulnerable and elderly victim. Furthermore, he stole a sum of cash which was the recovered proceeds of a burglary.

Resigned before criminal proceedings. Subsequently imprisoned.Public Complaint

Discreditable Conduct

The officer admitted being concerned in the offer to supply controlled drugs to another.

Resigned prior to facing charges at courtInternal Conduct


PCDiscreditable ConductThe officer was accused of subjecting his ex partner to harassment .Retired after disciplinary charges but prior to disciplinary proceedingsInternal Conduct
Mar-14PCDiscreditable ConductThe officer admitted driving whilst over the prescribed limit.Dismissed without Notice

Internal Conduct

Jun-14PCHonesty & Integrity The officer was accused of failing to handle seized property correctly, not investigating a connected crime and making inaccurate records in relation to the case.Resigned after disciplinary charges but prior to disciplinary proceedings

Internal Conduct



SPCHonesty & IntegrityWhilst driving a police vehicle the officer failed to stop and report a road traffic collision he was involved in, which caused damage to a vehicle belonging to a member of the public. Dismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct
Oct-14InspHonesty & IntegrityThe officer knowingly took a number of days leave to which they were not entitled to.Dismissed without Notice (subject of an appeal as per the Police Appeals Tribunal Rules -the appeal was dismissed)Internal Conduct
Nov-14PCDiscreditable Conduct 

The officer was accused of forming an inappropriate relationship with a vulnerable female.


Dismissed without Notice (subject of an appeal as per the Police Appeals Tribunal rules- the appeal was dismissed)Internal Conduct

Honesty & Integrity/Discreditable Conduct


The officer was accused of forming inappropriate relationships both on and off duty, with two vulnerable females. In relation to the misconduct case the officer was also accused of lying in a statement and causing a witness to lieDismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct
Feb-15PCDiscreditable ConductWhilst off-duty and in drink, the officer attended the home of his ex-partner and caused damageDismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct
Mar-15PCDiscreditable ConductWhilst on duty the officer used force resources to produce a DVD showing a couple engaged in sexual acts and then supplied a copy to the couple at their request.Dismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct
Mar-15PSDiscreditable ConductWhilst off duty the police officer removed a wind-chime from his neighbours property and threw it on a garden fire, destroying it. He was found guilty of Criminal Damage at Court and received a Conditional Discharge Dismisssed without Notice 

Public Complaint


Mar-15PCHonesty & Integrity, Authority Respect and Courtesy, Use of Force, Discreditable Conduct, Challenging and Reporting Improper ConductThe offcier was accused of failing to intervene and prevent an officer using excessive force on a member of the public and failing to report improper behaviour Dismissed without NoticePublic Complaint
Mar-15PC Honesty & Integrity, Authority Respect and Courtesy, Use of Force, Discreditable ConductThe officer is alleged to have assaulted a member of the public in his home address, and taken his SIM card from his mobile phone.Resigned after disciplinary charges but prior to disciplinary proceedingsPublic Complaint
Apr-15SPCDiscreditable ConductWhilst off duty and in drink the officer was accused of becoming involved in a dispute with a Taxi driver over a fare. It is alleged that the officer made threats to damage the vehicleResigned after disciplinary charges but prior to discilinary proceedingsInternal Conduct
Jul-15PCDiscreditable Conduct, Orders and Instructions, Honesty & IntegrityIn February 2015, the officer assaulted his partner.After leaving his partners address he returned and tried to gain entry, the officer banged so loudly that it woke neighbours who called the police. On a number of occasions, whilst on police bail and suspended from duty, the officer made contact with his partner in contravention of the bail and suspension conditions. The officer lied when interviewed by the officers from the professional Standards Dept.Dismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct
Jul-15PC Discreditable ConductDuring a training course, an officer made sexually explicit comments and gestures towards a young female colleague and made sexual and inappropriate comments to colleagues within the police canteen.Final Written WarningInternal Conduct
Oct-15PCDiscreditable Conduct In October 2015 an officer pleaded guilty to criminal offences of "Misconduct in a Public Office"and eight criminal offences of "Making an Indecent Image of a Child" contrary to the Protection of children Act 1978 Section 1,1A and 1BDismissed without NoticeInternal Conduct
Oct-15PCDiscreditable ConductIn October 2015 an officer was found guilty of two offences contrary to Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988Dismissed without Notice Internal Conduct