Special Constable Mario Montisci

1. Why did you want to become a Special?

I’ve always wanted to know first hand what the police do on a day to day basis and when my employer South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive offered its employees to be a Special under the Employer Supported Policing initiative , I jumped at the chance . It was a good opportunity to develop myself as a person and transfer these skills to my current role as an Infrastructure Auditor within the public transport.

2. How long have you been a Special?

Including my training , I’ve been a Special for 5yrs and loving every moment !

3. Why do you enjoy being a Special?

My current work is Customer Service focused and I enjoy the chance to meet different people from all walks of life . No day is the same , you could be dealing with handling lost property then being called to a fight the next .

4. What sort of work do you get to do?

Because I am part of the Employer Supported initiative , part of my role is to conduct high visibility patrols in and around Rotherham Interchange . My main roles are to deal with anti-social behaviour and low level crime but I will be asked to assist with any other problems that may arise on my patrols. I also perform ticketing checks on the public transport network working to support local bus company’s to confiscate forged passes and prosecute where necessary and help eject non paying passengers .

5. What’s your proudest moment of being a Special so far?

My proudest moment so far was to deal with a fight that was occurring outside Rotherham police station . Whilst on public order duty , a call came over the airwaves saying that a group of youths were fighting and assistance was needed . My team were in the town centre at the time but dealing with another issue . I decided to run to the incident where I managed to apprehend one youth and make an arrest before other officers arrived at the scene and this was rewarded with a District Commanders Good Work Certificate .

6. How does being a Special impact on your normal day job / other aspects of your life?

Being an Employer Supported Special means that my employer give me time off from work to perform my duties and my mandatory 16hrs per month are mainly performed within this time . My personal time is rearranged to help support my Safer Neighbourhood Team when necessary .

7. What benefits are there from being a Special within your community (if any)?

Being a Special gave me the confidence to handle situations not only in the role of police officer but also as a civilian . I am proactive in my own community , dealing with anti-social behaviour issues ,being the eyes and ears for my local police force .

8. What would you say to anyone considering being a Special?

It’s not easy being a Special , the training is intense and some situations on duty can be quite daunting . Looking back after five years in the service , I wouldn’t change anything and would recommend joining to anyone . I have gained new skills and confidence but also new friends who have helped me progress to where I am today.