Closure notice issued to prevent criminal activity

Officers in Doncaster have taken action to enforce a residential closure notice at a property on Princess Crescent in Edlington, Doncaster, following concerns and disruption issues reported to police in connection with criminal activity.

On Tuesday 16 May officers issued the notice at the property preventing anyone from visiting or entering the premises, after policed received a number of reports relating to drugs offences and other illegal activity.  

To enforce the notice more permanently and prevent further disruption caused to the community, officers presented the facts of the case before a judge on Wednesday 17 May, who listened to the details of the case and granted officers with the right to extend the notice for an additional three months.

Inspector Dan Mcknight has commented on the purpose of this action: “We have taken robust action to issue and enforce this notice as activity at the property was causing extreme distress and disruption to the surrounding community. 

“I hope our proactive approach and action taken, demonstrates our commitment to work with partners and local authorities to bring offenders to justice and create a safer Doncaster for everyone.

“This is the second residential closure notice issued in Doncaster in response to concerns reported from members of the public and I hope this acts a deterrent to others engaging in any kind of illegal activity.

“This action falls under the wider work we are doing to increase engagement with our residents and communities, to address criminal activity issues and prevent further potential threats.

“All of our officers are dedicated to working with members of the public we serve to identify and where possible, take action to address and resolves concerns reported.”

If you have any concerns or would like to report anything to police, please contact 101 or 999 in an emergency. You can also make reports to a local officer or come along to a community meeting held in your area. Details of these meeting can be found on the local LPT social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook.