Building links within Barnsley’s communities with students’ artwork

Students in Barnsley have worked on a unique project to create artwork in a bid to improve community relations following antisocial behaviour in the area.  
Earlier this year PCSOs and local officers, alongside partner agencies, embarked on a project to tackle ongoing antisocial behaviour issues around Kendray Hospital. 
Part of this involved working closely with those affected by the antisocial behaviour and young people to talk about what they could collectively do to tackle the issue and improve areas affected by it. 
PCSO Katherine McFadzean, who led the project, said: “In January of this year, we found that Kendray Hospital was an area being repeatedly affected by antisocial behaviour. 
“After building this in to our patrol plans and working hard to identify those people involved, we looked at what else we could do to try and improve links within the community, improve the areas affected and get local young people involved in the process. 
“Alongside our partner agencies, including the hospital, we worked with the students of Barnsley Academy, who produced a painting for the hospital as part of the project, which was funded by Berneslai Homes. 
“The students also produced a painting for their school, with the aim of showing a link between the two areas and building relationships within the community. 
 “Antisocial behaviour can have a really negative impact on an area and leave communities feeling scared and vulnerable. Through this project we wanted to bring those communities together and educate people about the impacts of antisocial behaviour.
“I’m proud of the work the students have done and I’m pleased to be able to present it to Kendray Hospital.”