Caravan and camping safety

In Britain, the caravan or camping experience is a  much-loved family tradition.

Today, with improvements in roadways, luxury caravans,and tents, more and more people are embracing the great outdoors as a cost-effective getaway.

Follow these tips to ensure your camping trip remains trouble free:


  • When leaving your vehicle parked, remove all valuables – especially satellite navigation equipment, cameras, binoculars, mobile phones and handbags. If you cannot take them with you, lock them out of sight
  • Secure doors, windows, boot and sunroof every time you leave your vehicle
  • Remove your stereo
  • Park in a busy, well-lit location that is visible to passers-by
  • Use an immobiliser, alarm and other security devices if you have them.


  • Lock your tent using a padlock or specialist tent lock
  • Use a tent liner as it makes it harder for a thief to get in.

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  • Shut and lock caravan doors and windows when you go out, even if it is just for a few minutes
  • Remember to lock the doors at night when you are asleep
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Some accommodation providers have safety deposit boxes. Use one of these to store your valuables where possible. Otherwise keep your belongings hidden away.

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