Guns and knives take lives


Over 180 weapons are now in police possession and unable to fall into criminal hands following a three-week surrender in South Yorkshire. 
We launched the surrender on Monday, 11 July and ended Tuesday, 2 August to provide an opportunity for people to dispose of any firearm or knife safely and quickly, with no fear of being prosecuted for possession.

In total, there were 50 firearms handed in, which equates to 8 surrendered in Rotherham, 5 in Barnsley, 30 in Sheffield and 7 in Doncaster. In addition, a further 15 firearms were collected from around the region.

The types of firearms surrendered included shotguns, pistols, and BB guns as well as air rifles and handguns and over 200 rounds of ammunition. There was also 120 knives handed in which included samurai swords.

All the weapons will undergo forensic testing and if they are found to have been used in previous criminal activity, it will be investigated by police and there could be potential prosecutions.

Leading the surrender, Detective Chief Inspector Steve Whittaker said: “More often than not firearms can be passed down through generations as family heirlooms, leaving today’s owner without a licence and illegally in possession of an unwanted firearm.

“I am pleased with the number of weapons handed in during the three-week period. One less firearm on the streets is one potential less victim of crime, and to remove 50 firearms from potential circulation in our county is a tremendous effort, and I want to thank everyone who used the opportunity to protect their family, friends and residents of South Yorkshire.”

Illegal guns are knives are still used in a variety of crimes from robberies up to murder and we are committed to stopping this once and for all. 

You need a firearms certificate issued by the police to possess, buy or acquire a firearm or shotgun. You must also have a certificate to buy ammunition. 

If you are caught illegally carrying a gun, even an imitation one you will be arrested and prosecuted. 
Did you know?
The minimum sentence for carrying a gun is 5 years, even if they're carrying it for someone else. People who carry guns are more likely to become injured themselves and could put the rest of their family and friends lives' at risk.
Report gun crime anonymously

If you know someone who has a weapon or where one might be kept, you can help get the guns and knives off our streets you can report it to us by calling 101, 999 in an emergency or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.