How to do business with SYP

Here at South Yorkshire Police we do all our tendering electronically via the e-tendering system Bluelight.

To trade with us you will need to register with BlueLight, it is free and easy to register and once registered you will receive e-mail notification for any Requests for Quotation (RFQs) of tender notices.

South Yorkshire Financial Instructions for Tenders and Quotations

£5,000 - No quotations necessary - it must be ensured that Best Value in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness is obtained.

£5,000 - £20,000 - all such services and supplies require competition.  A minimum of 3 written quotations must be invited.   Request for Quotations are obtained via BlueLight, catalogues and Websites can be used for quotation purposes, however we would advise that the supplier/s registers with BlueLight.

£20,000 - all requirements above £20,000 are referred to Supply Chain Management for assessment.

£50,000 - a full tender exercise is undertaken.

Values that exceed the European threshold will be advertised via OJEU in addition to Bluelight.