Cadet FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions that may help you when deciding whether or not to apply to the Cadets.

What activities do Cadets get involved in?

The Cadets will cover topics including:

• Health and Safety

• Antisocial behaviour, Crime and Policing Act

• Licensing laws

• Drugs

• Road Traffic (including driving documents, removal of vehicles, collisions, drink / drug driving)

• Crime (including theft, burglary, TWOC (Taken without Consent), criminal damage, handling stolen goods, going equipped)

• Assault (including domestic abuse, Section 47 assault, Section 39 assault, Section 20 wounding, Section 18 wounding, sexual offences)

• Serious and organised crime.

The Cadets will be expected to take part in role-play exercises relating to these topic areas.

There are also opportunities for Cadets to work on test purchasing operations and other community based work, dependant upon district requirements.

What does the Cadet uniform consist of?

Cadets are provided with a full uniform which comprises of:

• black trousers

• white shirt

• polo shirt

• tie

• hat

• fleece

• high visibility (high-vis) coat.

This uniform is provided free of charge however should you lose any of the items you may be expected to pay for the replacements.

Cadets will need to provide their own suitable footwear.

Will joining the Cadets improve my chances of joining South Yorkshire Police as a ‘regular’ police officer?

We cannot guarantee that Cadets will be successful in gaining employment as a regular officer, however, the experience gained as a Cadet will definitely improve your life skills and enhance your future prospects.

Do cadets get to take part in frontline Policing duties?

No. Health and Safety or Force insurance does not cover the Cadets to engage in any frontline police duties such as being the passenger in a pursuit chase.

As a Cadet can I arrest someone?

No. The cadets have not been granted the Power of Arrest therefore you would be committing an offence to try to arrest someone yourself. Only those people who the Chief Constable has designated can detain someone.

Do I have to pass a fitness test?

There is no requirement to pass a fitness test at this time.

Will suffering from asthma stop my application to the Cadets?

No, as long as you can show that you manage it with medication (i.e. an inhaler) and you declare it on your application form when you apply.