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Anna Smith - PCSO and Business Crime Advisor 

In this blog, Anna talks through some of the typical tasks she completes in her role as a specialist business crime advisor.









'DC John Johnson' - undercover expert in investigating online crime

What happens on social media doesn't just stay on social media: One of our undercover experts in investigating online crime - writing under the alias of ‘DC John Johnson’ – blogs about social media and how Facebook comments could lead to a visit to the police station and having all your gadgets seized...

Don't be an easy target on the web: In his second blog, DC John Johnson offers advice to help ensure your online presence isn't making you an easy target for criminals.

Change the way you think about passwordsDC John Johnson gives his advice on how changing the way we think about passwords can make us more cyber-secure. 


More blogs:

Carina Glover - Special Constable

Carina writes about one of her shifts as a force volunteer. Read about the dangers of drug driving, and about Carina's involvement in catching a drug driver.


Danielle Taylor - Sustainability Manager

Danielle writes about the force's continued focus on sustainability and about how she's working to implement several energy saving schemes.


Abby Dilkes - Special Constable

In a series of blogs, Abby details her Special Constable training - from her first training session to her first shift as a Special.